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Beautiful Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa is a popular beach resort on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka.  Hikkaduwa Beach offers plenty of opportunities for water sports, diving and snooker.  Hikkaduwa has a reputation for being a safe beach,

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Hikkaduwa is one of the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka and provides a clear hot water base.  The wavelength varies from 4 to 11 feet
Surfing in the Hikkaduwa area is quite popular and gets its best waves during the dry season.  It is from November to March.

There are 4 hot spots in Hikkaduwa.  Scuba diving and diving in clear water is one of the most important times during this time.  This is the most eco-friendly way to see colorful fish.

Hikkaduwa Coastal Coral Sanctuary is a large shallow body of water surrounded by reefs, decorated with layers of different colored corals and inhabited by a number of colorful fish.

Beyond the coast there is a collection of small islands surrounded by small corals.  Many fish species and large turtles are found here.  There are more than four different shipwrecks for diving enthusiasts to explore.
There are many hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and guest houses.

The beaches are beautiful and wide and swimming is safe here, although the currents are stronger when it comes south of Hikkaduwa.

Attractive coral reefs are located off the coast and are still rich in exotic fish and sea turtles.

Glass bottom boats also available for visitors who want to see wonders of the deep.
After a short distance to the south from the center of the reef, it recedes and begins a wide sandy beach and Good waves are ideal for board surfing and body surfing.

#About Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa  is a small town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, about 10 km from Galle.  17 (11 miles) northwest and 5 km to Colombo.  98 (61 miles) to the south.  Excerpt.  The name Hikkaduwa is derived from the two words Sip Kaduwa, which is an abbreviated version of Sip (perhaps) Silpa, meaning syllables and sword (knowledge) meaning Sinhala and sword (sword).  Hence the name Hikkaduwa is believed to mean the sword of knowledge.  Alternatively it means coral or sea jungle.

# How To reach there ?

Hikkaduwa is located on the Coastal or Southern Railway (connecting Colombo to Matara).  It is located on the A2 Expressway and connects to Wellawaya via the city, which runs almost parallel to the Colombo coast.

# Economy
The economy of Hikkaduwa has traditionally been based on fishing and coconut cultivation.  This was replaced when the tourism industry discovered its golden sandy beaches.  It is a well-known international destination for boarding.  The city appeared in an episode of Anthony Borden’s TV show Reservations.  Hikkaduwa was hit by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the nearby villages of Telwatta, Paralia (Queen of the Sea Rail Disaster), Dodanduwa, Kahawa and Rathgama. 

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