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Elegant 98 Acres, Experience The Scenic Hill Landscape

Ninety-eight acres

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Ella is sure to keep you entertained for a few nights with its abundance of attractions. You can go on a trekking expedition to discover some of nature’s beauties, such the renowned Little Adam’s Peak, in addition to simply relaxing in calm climates with hypnotic vistas. Ella, a little village in the country’s central highlands, is surrounded by beautiful terrain that is ideal for walks or bike excursions. Explore tea gardens, factories, the nine arch bridge, waterfalls, historic artifacts, and temples among the many other things to do in Ella.

Experience the peace and tranquility of Sri Lanka’s picturesque hill region while relaxing in the opulent luxuries of a boutique hotel. The exquisite and stylish 98 Acres Resort and Spa is located on a picturesque, 98-acre tea estate and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

The distinctively built resort’s lovely chalets, many of which are made of recyclable materials, mix in well with the surrounding landscape. The resort makes use of abandoned railroad sleepers to build walls and decks. The flooring of chalets with thatched roofs made of “Illuk” straw give a rustic appeal with their rough, hewn granite floors. One of the most beautiful Ella hotels in the area can guarantee you a great vacation thanks to the lovely countryside, breathtaking views, and exhilarating nature trails.

Activities and things to do

Flying ravana adventure

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Hiking & trekking

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Helicopter Riding

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