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Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil(Temple)

Nallur Temple

Nallurn kandaswami kovil is located on the Point Pedro road very close to Jaffna city. Nallur Hindu Temple is unique and glorious among the various historical sites in Jaffna due to its religious and cultural significance.This is considered as the forehead of Hindu culture and is also accepted as the oldest channel of Shiva religion in Sri Lanka. Cree. The temple is said to have been first built by King Bhuvanekabahu VI in the 15th century and dedicated to the god Kataragama in the name of Kahawath Kandaswamy.

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This is also considered as a place where friendship between nations is developed. Buwanekabahu VI was a prince named Chembaga Perumal or Ariya Vetteyadum Perumal who was adopted by King Parakumba VI in his son’s place. He has built Hindu temples in Jaffna as well as Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. However, the original Nallur Kovil he built in Jaffna is no longer there and is said to be a later construction.

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The temple grounds have a very attractive open environment and the interior is also very scenic. It contains scenes and tones that liberate devotees from various complex thoughts in the mind and provide simple and light spiritual healing. The healing properties of the essential oils, have long been known in ancient times. Various social inequalities go away during this. Due to this, this Hindu temple has been worshiped and revered by all religions.

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