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Bahrain, Pearl On The Persian Gulf


Bahrain is a country in the Persian Gulf.It is a small Arab country located in a bay on the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf.It is an archipelago of Bahrain and 30 smaller islands.Its name is Al-Bahrayn(two seas).At 780 square kilometers (300 sq mi), it is the third smallest country in Asia after the Maldives and Singapore. Bahrain population is over 1.5 Millions.

Bahrain_Bahrain pearl on the persian ocean

Bahrain, one of the world’s major oil producers, has only a small number of oil reserves.  Instead, its economy has long relied on crude oil processing from neighboring countries, and recently the tourism industry, as well as the financial, commercial and communications sectors, have grown significantly. 

Bahrain_Bahrain pearl on the persian ocean

The country’s capital, port and capital Manama (al-Manama) is located on the northeastern edge of the island of Bahrain.  Manama, a notable modern city, is relaxed and cosmopolitan and a favorite destination for tourists in neighboring Saudi Arabia.On weekends, Saudis gather around the city to enjoy its restaurants and bars.But the Bahraini people are traditional throughout their lives.  This sentiment is embodied in the Constitution of the country, which affirms that “the family is the cornerstone of society and that its strength lies in both religion, ethics and patriotism.

Bahrain_Bahrain pearl on the persian ocean

Bahrain is famous for its tall date  palm groves;  From time immemorial, it has been a source of trade as well as a natural resource for the surrounding area.  The island of Bahrain is believed by many to be the site of the ancient kingdom of Dilman,

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