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Exploring the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka: A Natural Wonder

Are you ready for a breathtaking adventure in the heart of Sri Lanka? Look no further than the Central Highlands, a region of unparalleled...

Galle Dutch Fort: A Journey Through History and Culture

The Galle Dutch Fort in Sri Lanka is a historical and cultural gem that offers visitors a journey through time. With its stunning architecture,...



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The Top 10 Happiest Cities in the World for Quality Living

Are you looking for the happiest cities in the world? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 happiest cities based on various factors...

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5 Best Waterfalls you Must Visit in Sri Lanka

The country of Sri Lanka is very rich in biodiversity that gives it its many locations to go to as a tourist. However, forestations,...

Baker’s falls ,1 of the beautiful fall in sri lanka

Beautiful Baker's falls in Sri Lanka Baker's falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in sri lanka.The waterfalls is located in horton place national park.  Nuwara Eliya...

Dunhinda Waterfall Sri Lanka:A Spectacular Natural Wonder

Are you looking for an adventure that involves mesmerizing natural beauty, lush greenery, and an unforgettable waterfall experience? Look no further than Dunhinda Waterfall,...

Sembuwaththa Lake is My no 1 Lake

Beautiful lake "Sembuwaththa lake " "The environment is Awe-Inspiring" Deep -  9m to 12m Sembuwaththa lake is man-made lake created from natural spring water which is created is...

1 of Beauty Bambarakiri Ella Falls

BambaraKiri Ella Falls Rathtota, Matale, Sri Lanka Bambarakiri Ella waterfall is a beautiful and tall waterfall in Sri Lanka. Bambara Kiri Ella waterfall 299th tallest waterfall....


In the Indian Ocean, off the coast of India, an island appears a place that may not be known to many, this is Sri...

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