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Small paradise “Mirissa Beach”

Mirissa Beach, Small Paradise

Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is small paradise located in the matara district  in sri lanka.The small town is always been popular for its natural beaches.
  It is located 150 km (93 miles) south of Colombo, at an altitude of 4 m (13 ft) above sea level.  The beach and nightlife of Mirissa make it a popular tourist destination.  It is very popular for  a major whale and dolphin watching

Whale watching and dolphins

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Blue Whale Watching tail splash drop fall water Mirissa wildlife Sri Lanka. beautiful panorama landscape sun sunrise

Mirissa is a popular destination for whale watching during the period between December and March.

Mirissa’s sandy beaches bring to life your imagination of a tropical paradise.
The lonely crescent-shaped beach is like a hidden island to many.

Mirissa is a tourist paradise and should not be missed!

Surfing in mirissa

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Mirissa’s Bay Surf Point is famous for smooth surfing;  You can surf without any hindrance and enjoy a carefree journey across the ocean, and experience it on an unforgettable level for years to come.

Secret Beach in Mirissa

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Secret Beach Mirissa is a gem hidden from the main shores of Mirissa. 
Once a secret place, it is known only to the locals but now it has become a popular tourist destination.  The beach is perfect for swimming ,sunbathing

The secret beach is peaceful and serene with gentle waves, golden sand and beautiful palm trees.

This place has a few beachfront restaurants and bars, but otherwise, it’s a very secluded beach. Pure sand and turquoise water only There are no shops or stalls on the secret beach.
The beach is famous among those who like to relax and spend time quietly by themselves. You can even go for water sports or rock exploration.

There are three different beaches on the Secret Beach
Blue Lagoon is ideal for swimming because of the soft waves. Palm Cove Beach is located adjacent to Blue Lagoon and is ideal for photography, snorkelling and rock exploration.
Shelley beach is also famous for long-distance and isolated swimming but it is more for advanced swimmers. 
It has a number of clear rock pools, the water is rough and the waves are more distinctive.

Small Coconut Hill

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15 minutes from Mirissa beach there is a small coconut farm hilltop.  The view of the sunset from here is an amazing and great place for you to take beautiful photos. But Be careful with coconuts, because of the strong winds that fall from the coconut trees


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Can you swim at mirissa beach?

Yes, It’s very safer for swimming and good place to for dining

Is Mirissa worth visiting?

Its very clean beach and beauty among the beaches,everything is calming and soothing,very good for safe surfing

What is special in mirissa?

Safe surfing
Whale watching
Coconut tree spot
Parrot rock
Secret beach

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