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Sembuwaththa Lake is My no 1 Lake

Beautiful lake “Sembuwaththa lake “

“The environment is Awe-Inspiring”

Deep –  9m to 12m

Sembuwaththa lake is man-made lake created from natural spring water which is created is extraordinary. And its middle of a tea plantations. Alone side the lake is natural swimming pool.This lake is located close to the town of Matale. It is situated in a Beautiful Tea estate.

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If you want to have your favorite photo, you will love the journey Matale To the lake. This is a wonderful environment.I’m suggesting this is a perfect environment to spend the whole Day. You will be difficult to drive right on the road, but after all, you will Be amazed by the tranquility of this spacious lake of fresh water that Flows through the natural springs.

History of the Sembuwaththa Lake

During the colonial period, the British started cultivating tea here. The area around the lake was used as a polo stadium by British people.

A gold mug has emerged from a fountain near the tea factory. It’s said that Kankani who worked in the plantation, had fled to India with “Gold mug”. Kovil made by his son the place where the fountain was located.


Legends say that this is how the name “Sembuwattta” is derived. Visitors can still see the ruins of the Kovil. Sembuwatta is confined to those who live there.

In 2005, The Sembuwatta lake and the surrounding area were properly maintained.  A large number of summer houses and pool have been built around the lake and made popular around tourists.

Till now nearly 10 summer stalls have been built around the lake.

You can also reserve a night in this beautiful place if needed. There is also a resort for the night.

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There is also a separate play is an area for children to play. Boat service has already been launched for tourists who want to see the beauty of the environment.

The pool near the lake is also any about 5 feet deep so anyone can bathe in it.

The water from the spring feeds the pool. If it’s water is too cold, It is not advisable to stay too long in the water.



You can also reserve a night in this beautiful place if needed. There is also a resort for the night.

Reservations can be made by calling the office workers of the Elkaduwa tea estate at +94-663682459, +94-664935767, +94-664935768

matale,sri lanka ,lake,sembuwatta,sembuwaththa


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