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Pinnawala is best Elephant orphanage with 89 Elephants

Elephants orphanage with 93 elephants ,pinnawala

sri lanka _pinnawala_Elephants_wowtovisit_elephants orphanage
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala elephant orphanage has been identified as the best place to visit to see the different activities of elephants
It has attracted the attention of both local and foriegn tourists. It is open daily for tourists , It is open the public at 8.30 am. That time will end at 5.30 pm.The work is being done on schedule in this elephant orphanage.


The elephants are reserved for bathing between 10am and 12 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm.
They are allowed to bathe twice a day to reduce the elephant’s body temperature.This time different for elephants who are rejected by the flock and sick.They take a bath from 8.30am to 9.45am and from 12 noon 1.45 pm.
The pinnawala elephant orphanage was established in 1995. The pinnawala elephant orphanage has become internationally renowned for 40 years. it was started with 8 elephants  who are stranded in forest today there are 89 elephants.41 males and 48 females.

pinnawala_Elephants_wowtovisit_elephants orphanage

pinnawala_Elephants_wowtovisit_elephants orphanage

A siren is ringing to alert the tourists on either side when elephants take to bath from the elephant orphanage. elephants in the orphanage are well aware that the sound of the horn is the time of their bathing.
with the sound of the horn  , the elephants move in line to bath.
Elephants , who have lost their mother are fed five times a day at this place. starting at 6.30 pm 9.15 pm .5pm and 8pm. An elephant living in this elephant orphanage receives about one hundred and fifty kilograms of food per day and total needs about 20,000 mixed food a day.
In addition, for the sick elephants are provided with plentiful fruit such as pineapple, honeycomb, banana and concentrated cereal with a large variety of grain such as corn, black eye beans and weeds.
The special feature of the pinnawala elephants is that every elephant has a nae .given a name for ease of identification. the name takes in to considration the area they met and their appearance.
The leader of the herd living in the orphanage is “Matali” .she is a mother of five and she is a special elephant mother to the world. an elephant can produce only four cubs in it’s entire lifetime. however she delivered 5 elephants.

pinnawala_Elephants_wowtovisit_elephants orphanage

Elephants born in pinnawala have been donated to various countries under animal exchange programs. Among them are countries like japan and korea foreign names have also been given on naming elephants.
The highest number of baby elephants was born in 2011 at the pinnawala elephant orphanage, they are 14 baby elephants.
Elephants in the pinnawala elephant orphanage also have time to sleep.little elephants try to sleep at eight to nine , but the big elephant sleeps at midnight. but that sleep is limited to half an hour and an hour. elephants who sleep periodically , when they awake spend most of their time eating leaves.
How to get There – Pinnawala orphanage is located 90 Km from colombo, 37km from kandy and close to kegalle village.
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