Sri Dalada maligawa[1]

'Sri dalada maligawa 'Temple of the sacred tooth relic

The sri dalada maligawa is the  temple where the tooth relic of the budhdha is placed. The present dalada maligawa is locted in the city of kandy in sri lanka. During the kandyan kingdom(1592 to 1815), it was housed  within the royal palace comple. 

Who built sri dalada maligawa ? 

The sri dalada maligawa was first built by king wimaldharmasooriya (1592-1604). The sri dalada maligawa which he built was destroyed by the portugese invaders.

The present old two storied palace was built by king sri weeraparakrama narendrasinge (1707-1739).Even the Tamil kings of the Nayakkar dynasty who came to visit the temple developed and preserved the dalada maligawa.

The city of kandy, where the temple of the tooth is situated, has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Malwatte and Asgiri monks offer sacrifices to the sacred tooth relic on a daily basis.This pooja is performed three time a day (Morning afternoon and evening).On Wednesday, The nanamura festival is held as a special pooja.The sacred tooth relic is bathed in aromatic water. It is believed that the bath water has a healing effect.


In the early days, Kandy was known as “Sri senkanda beneficiary Sri vardhanapura” sriwardena, son -in law of king parakrambahu IV (302-1326 AD) of the kingdom of dambadeni, was the ruler of the kingdom In 1312, a town called senkadagala sriwardenapuraya was established near the area now known as katupulle.

Another legend says that the town was named after a brhmin named senkanda, and that the city was named after senkada, The goddess of the king vickrmabahu 111, it is based  on a red colored stone called senkadagala.

The natha devalaya for the goddess dalada and lokeshwara natha deva was built in the reign of king wickremabahu 111 (1357-1374 AD) .The ruler of the gampola kingdom. Asgiriya vihara as mentioned in the yasgiri paltha was also started. These are the oldest buildings  in kandy. Senaka wickrmabahu (1469-1511 AD)

Descended from the Gampola royal family, was named senkandagala pura. He was founder of th kandyan kingdom. The buddha’s sacred relics have made a great contribution to the publication of the buddha statue, a two-storied poya house, 86 monks , and the relics and statues.

King jayaweera(1511-1552 AD), Karaliyadda Bandara(1552-1582 AD), Wimaladharmasuriya(1590-1604 AD), The last king of the sinhalese, Sri wickrema rajasinghe (1978-1815 AD) 10 have taken over the kandyan kingdom.

It was the king’s responsibility to protect the  sacred tooth relic, which was recognized as the ruler of the country. King wimaladharmasooriya 11 made a three stried palace and built the magul madhu and paththippuwa devendra and mulachariya.

Buildings of the dalada Maligaya

C. Built between 1805 and 1812 The architectural design was done by alakeshwara dingirippu alias devendra mulachari.

Elephant orphanage 

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