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5 Best Places To Visit In Bahrain

Best Places To Visit In Bahrain

The Bahrain archipelago is located in the Arabian Gulf, encircled by a total of
103 small islands. This island nation is the third-smallest country in Asia,
standing behind Singapore and the Maldives.
Despite its size, the islands of Bahrain maintain fabulous jewels within its
history and culture. Standing in parallel to modern high-rises, the rich
architecture of the ancient Middle East blends in a unique combination of the
old and the new along the many streets of Bahrain.
Explore historic burial mounds, Arabic mosques, cerulean waters, and many
more – here are the best places to visit while touring Bahrain:


Best Places to Visit in Bahrain

Manama offers a cityscape with towering skyscrapers and bright skylines.
Recently decreed the capital of Bahrain, Manama houses important structures
such as the World Trade Centre and the Financial Harbour towers. However,
you can easily escape to the more traditional parts of the city through the
arched gates of the local souk, Bab Al Bahrain. Located 10 minutes away is the
Al Fateh Grand Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world.


Zairon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Standing in the heart of Bahrain, Riffa presents a peek through the centuries of
Bahrain’s history. You can find several ancient Bahraini structures and markets
while combing through the streets of Riffa. Amidst this, you will see the Riffa
Fort, a clay-made structure that has existed for hundreds of years. Another
interesting structure is the Riffa Clock Tower that overlooks the busier corner
of the city


The Pottery Roundabout
Contraption5000, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As you walk through the streets of A’ali, you’ll catch many artists soaking their
hands in mud and clay while creating the most exquisite pottery. This town,
located closely from both Manama and Riffa, has a long history with cultural
artifacts. For example, it is known for several burial mounds that had
uncovered relics dating back over 5000 years. Pop into the Bahrain National
Museum to view these.


Places to visit in bahrain

The ancient city of Muharraq offers an exemplary view of Bahrain’s beautiful
history. Muharraq was officially the capital of Bahrain until 1932, from which
the city transitioned into a more significant metropolis. However, beside the
modern hotels and artificial beaches, you can find Bahrain’s best souks selling
local food and crafts. You can also take trips to nearby districts such as the
Fareej al Bin Ali district to view archaic Arabian architecture.

Amwaj Islands

Amwaj Air
Alhaddadm at the English-language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want a break from the dusty corners of Bahrain, you can soak in the blue
waters of the Arabian Gulf at the Amwaj Islands. These are artificial islets
surrounded by luxurious hotels and fine dining restaurants. You can find a
plethora of activities around this place to keep yourself entertained, such as
scuba diving or participating in beach parties at night. If you’re traveling with
children, you can visit the Waha Splashclub waterpark or the Lagoon Park for a
fun day trip.

What is bahrain famous for ?

Bahrain is famous for its green date palmgroves. Since ancient times, it has been a source of natural resources in the commercial center and surrounding areas. It is generally believed that the island of Bahrain was the seat of the ancient kingdom of Dilmon, which was a trading center with ancient Sumer.

What is famous in bahrain to buy?

Abayas and scarves

Is bahrain expensive for tourism ?

A holiday in Bahrain usually costs about BHD338 per person for a week. … The average daily budget per person for two people traveling together for a month in Bahrain is usually lower than the budget for one person traveling alone for a week.

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