Best Traditional Foods In Bahrain

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Traditional foods In Bahrain

Traditional Foods in Bahrain_Bahrain Traditional Foods_bahrain food _bahrain dish

It is beautiful how a Cuisine or Food of an area tells us about its heritage, history, and climate. The Food of Bahrain tells the same story of how their kingdom is enriched with some of the most delicious food you have ever tried. The Kingdom of Bahrain is an Archipelago Country located in the Middle East. It may look like a small country but has so much influence on the food.

The Bahrain food has roots in Arabic cuisine, but it has its own twist in the food with that same Arabic base. Many traditional dishes are passed by to the citizens of Bahrain from generation. Similarly, as the nation evolves, few dishes are also developed according to their taste and agricultural stables.

Main Ingredients Of Bahrain Food

Bahrain’s traditional food is full of a variety of meat, rice, and especially dates. Even though you will find many rice dishes, what makes them distinct is the use of specific spicy blends and the cooking method. Here is a guide of all critical components you will find in Bahrain food:


Traditional Foods in Bahrain_Bahrain Traditional Foods_bahrain dishes

Usually, you will find a lot of cumin, coriander, turmeric, and saffron in their spice blend. Bahraini curry powder named Bazaar and complex spice mix called Baharat is often used and sell in their local markets, Souk. You notice the minor difference in spices and taste in Bahrain traditional food and Arabic cuisine. Again, they have their own twist to most of the traditional dishes.


Traditional Foods in Bahrain_Bahrain Traditional Foods_bahrain dishes_bahrain meat

Chicken, mutton, and lamb are the most common meat eaten and a different variety of rice dishes. Another form of eating meat is a form of Saloon, meat cooked in a tomato-based gravy. The heart is so tender and juicy that it will make you feel euphoria


Traditional Foods in Bahrain_Bahrain Traditional Foods_bahrain dishes_bahrain sea food

Since Bahrain is an Archipelago Country, all type of seafood is found in abundance. However, Fish like mackerel, rubar, rabbitfish, and Bahraini Grouper are usually some of the most eaten fishes and shrimps, and lobster. Usually, the Fish in Bahrain is eaten as grilled, smoked, and even cooked with a batter-like English Fish and chips.


Traditional Foods in Bahrain_Bahrain Traditional Foods_bahrain dishes_dates _bahrain dates

Bahrain is also enriched with a variety of dates. And it is one of the main staples of the country. Mostly you will find yourself eating date desserts, or if not, Medjool and Ajwa dates are eaten after eating lunch or dinner. Like all Middle eastern gulf countries, Bahrain also celebrates the dates in a biscuit called Maamoul.

Bahraini Khubz

Traditional Foods in Bahrain_Bahrain Traditional Foods_bahrain dishes

Bahraini Khubz is a light and fluffy white bread, and it has a being eaten for generations in Bahrain households. It is so simple yet a perfect carrier of the flavors. It is served with tomatoes, garlic, lemon, and tahini on the side.

Gahwa or coffee

bahrain cofee

The local Bahraini coffee or Ghana is like a welcome drink in Bahrain. It is like an honor to the guest to welcome them into the household. It is made in a specific teapot called Dalla. Gahwa is often drunk in small cups called Finjan, and it is a must to have during meetups and social conversations.

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Dishes of Bahrain Food

Since we are talking about components of Bahraini Food, the Following are the most popular dishes, and for us, these are a must to try.

Quzi or Qoozi

Iraqi Qoozi
aziz1005, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Quzi is one of the most eaten and popular dishes in Bahrain. It is made with lamb, marinated, and grilled in a Bahraini species blend and often served with plain white boiled rice and white raw onions on the side. It is often compared with the Iraqi Quzi, but spices make the Bahraini Quzi very different.


Miansari66, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Machboos is intensely flavored dishes that include rice, meat or Fish, and dates. It is made from the Baharat spice blend that has cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, paprika, and black pepper. It is super savory and often cooked with a whole chicken. The broth from the chicken is used in making the rice. Therefore it is extra delicious


There are many variations of Magbous around the Middle East. It is more like a cross between Machboo and Khabsa with whole chicken and rice.

But Bahrain magbous has a strong flavor and aroma of black pepper and dried lemon. And colour-wise, it is the most tempting one to try.


Chili is the simple boiled rice with black cloves and salt to taste. The salty plain rice is often served with grilled fish, chicken, or Saloon.


It is a tomato and onion-based gravy made with lamb, chicken, and even mutton. It has a tangy sweetness to it with a strong aroma of Bahraini curry powder. It is often serving with Bahraini khubz and Chillani, white rice.


Musaly is another rice dish very famous in Bahrain, and it is again a rice dish with a meat or seafood component. But what makes it different is the cooking method. All ingredients are cook directly in the pot until the rice soaks up the juices from the meat. As a result, it has a unique distinct flavor that lingers on your tongue.


Muhammar is a perfect medley of sweet and savory flavors of Bahrain. It has a sweet rice-based with dates and is often served with fried or grilled marinated Fish for strong and intensify flavorings.

Bahraini Biryani

louis hansel 1keEJmqm8vU unsplash

Inspired by its neighbor country India and Pakistan, Bahrain also has its rice dish called Biryani. The Bahraini Biryani has a strong taste of dried lemon and Baharat. It is topped with fried onions and dried dates too in many areas of Bahrain.

Sweet dessert

The shuweit dessert has roots in Bahrain for 150 years. It is like a royal dish of the kingdom and served as an honor to the guest. It has a jelly-like candy based called Murabbah, enriched with nuts and saffron.


Khanfrush is more like a cross between dumplings and kebabs. The dough is made with flour, sugar, yeast, and eggs. It is often filled with dates, murabba, and sugar. Indeed, it is a perfect Bahraini dessert and finger food.

Each dish has its own distinct flavor and place in Bahrain’s cuisine, but they all represent the enriched culture and heritage of the Nation and its household. Its exotic dishes will definitely take you on a journey of enriched taste and gastronomical journey to their beautiful culture.



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