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Health Benefits of 7 Unique Fruits In Sri Lanka

A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside.

Fruits come in all tastes, sizes, colors, and shapes. Every single one so uniquely different from another. From delicious sweetness and sourness to awful smells, fruits have them all. Whether you are a fruit lover or not, the health benefits of fruits are undeniable.

When you hear fruits, you think apples and bananas and oranges. The common ones, and not without a truckload of benefits. But here are the health benefits of 7 unique fruits that prove that healthy eating can indeed introduce a big change into your life.

King Coconut

Health Benefits of 7 Unique Fruits_king coconut

Yes, the king of all coconuts. Coconuts are generally enjoyed by everyone, and King Coconut is much sweeter and tastier than your average coconut.

With a nutty taste, this coconut has a bright orange color and is found in Srilanka. Also known as thambili, this coconut boasts numerous health benefits.

Health benefits of King Coconut

Ordinary coconut water has many health benefits, but a King Coconut has even more of them. A King Coconut- due to the enzymes present in it- helps in digestion and also improves constipation or diarrhea.

This type of coconut water reduces toxins in the body and balances the levels of electrolytes, making it a perfect drink to have after a jog or run.

Worried about aging? Or the health issues that come with it? King coconut has away with all those worries. Being full of all types of vitamins slows down the health issues that come with aging, and the flesh gives smooth and shining skin.

Along with that, it can be just the thing your hair needs to return to its natural vitality.Here are some more benefits of King Coconuts:

  • Reinforces memory
  • Helps clear out the Urinary Pathways
  • Helps with the blood flow
  • Helps with malnutrition and amoebic disease.


Health Benefits of 7 Unique Fruits_mangosteen

Whereas Thambili is the King of all coconuts, Mangosteen is the Queen of Fruits– and that is a title well earned. If you know nothing about the Mangosteen, it might sound like the female cousin of Mango- but it is nothing like that. Mangosteen is a tropical fruit like the King Coconut and is incredibly hard to grow.

It has a sweet, tangy, and juicy taste, somewhat like the taste of lychee, strawberry, pineapple, and peach. The outer shell is a bright purple color, and the fragrant flesh inside is mostly white.

Health Benefits of Mangosteen

Mangosteen is not all about its flavor. Much like the king coconuts, mangosteens also contain a lot of vitamins- along with fiber and minerals. Mangosteens also contain plenty of antioxidants, helping us fight against cancer, inflammation, diabetes, and aging, and weight loss.

Here are some of the health benefits of Mangosteens:

  • Gives healthy skin
  • Fights against obesity
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Makes the immune system stronger


Health Benefits of 7 Unique Fruits_durian

After the Queen of Fruits steps in the King; Durian. A very smelly King, that is. The ripe pulp of durian smells like rotten onions and trying not to breathe in the smell while eating it may be your best option.

But it is not known as the King of Fruits without reason- this fruit is very tasty and incredibly healthy. Don’t judge a book by its cover- or in this case- smell.

 Durian has a creamy and sweet taste and often has people falling in love with a single bite. But as the smelliest fruit in the world, it has been banned from several places.

Health Benefits of Durian

Though smelly, Durian is not without its merits. It is yet another fruit that is incredibly helpful for cancer patients, reduces infection, controls blood sugar, and helps with heart disease.

Like the fruits mentioned above, it also boosts the immune system, slows immature aging, provides strength to our bones, and helps fight again anaemia.

Wood Apple

Health Benefits of 7 Unique Fruits_wood apple

Wood Apple; is it another type of Apple?

 No, but it is a blissful fruit that is much better. Wood Apple is another one of India’s delights, a tropical fruit that is also called bael.

 According to science, there is not a part of woord Apple that is not beneficial to the human body. The pulp holds several health benefits, and the taste is sweet, acidic, and sour- somewhat like tamarind.

Health benefits of wood Apple

Wood apple, with the uniqueness of its taste, is a great source of energy. It prevents constipation, fights against ulcers and the soreness of the throat, along with asthma and liver issues.

 A wood apple also fights against diabetes and can be used to cure bleeding gums. As it is mainly found in India, it cures snake bites and reduces high blood pressure. A wood apple can also be helpful against Malaria and liver problems.


Health Benefits of 7 Unique Fruits_avacado

Now comes the fruit that is widely used and loved; Avocado. Although avocado has a subtly sweet and nutty taste, the true experience lies in its texture.

The taste of an avocado is also said to be creamy. The skin of this fruit may be green, black, or purple, with the inside being mostly green. Avocados come in all sizes and are used in many dishes because of their taste and health benefits.

Health benefits of Avocado

Avocado is rich in nutrients including vitamin K, folate, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin E, and much more. The potassium level of avocado is very beneficial for the human heart and maintenance of blood pressure. It also helps to lower cholesterol and improves digestion.



Soursop is a fruit that gives you an experience unlike any other. It has prickly green skin of varying shades, and soft, creamy white flesh.

Soursop has a taste sweet and tangy taste with a tropical flavor like the Mangosteen. Greenish color, prickly skin, creamy white flesh. It is mostly used in medicine and cooking.

Health Alert: The seeds of soursop are toxic and the prickly skin is unsafe to consume. Only eat the pulp.

Health benefits of Soursop

Soursop, like fruits, mostly do, has many benefits, but here are five of the main ones.

  • Soursops are high in antioxidants
  • They fight against Cancer cells
  • They prevent inflammation
  • They fight against kidney diseases and bacteria
  • They can help control blood sugar levels.


Health Benefits of 7 Unique Fruits_Pomegranate

Do you hate to drink those bitter green juices to boost your health?

Pomegranate juice is there for you. Refreshing, nutrients rich and tasty juice are what makes pomegranates best. 

Health benefits of Pomegranate

This juicy fruit is rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, and decrease cancer risk. It can also improve digestion, promotes heart health, and maintains blood pressure.

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