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Nawugala is 1 of the beautiful mountain ‘Blue mountain

Nawugala Blue mountain, in yatawatta,matale

Nawugala is 1 of the beautiful mountain 'Blue mountain

Nawugala mountain is not a very popular mountain in sri lanka. but  it is a very beautiful mountain,


 Nawugala mounain is situated in matale district. about 10km from matale  and around 25 Km from kurunegala.If you are coming from kurunegala you must come from dambulla road and turn from thalgodapitiya to matale road.The journey to mount nawugala is quite difficult. difficulty is not feeling because of the beautiful surroundings.

blue mountain_nawugala_matale_yatawatta_wowtovisit

There are no doubt that this is a good place for those who like to climb. This mountain that looks like a ship on the far side and its a blue mountain as far side like a ship and color is like a  blue.

blue mountain_nawugala_matale_yatawatta_wowtovisit

synonym for nawu-gala in the local sinhala language .Nawu meaning is a ships and gala meaning rock. This name was given because of the shape of a ship.


You can go to yatawatta through the hulangala estate on the selagama road. Hulangala is a huge tea estate and it’s also beautiful estate. on our way through the hulangala estate, 


we can see the little falls around the estate. as i already mentioned above , no matter how difficult the journey is, the sourroundings are so beautiful. You can enjoy the envoirement


Little adams peak

I Laksitha ,nature,history lover and blogger,
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