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‘Meemure’ (මීමුරේ) is 1 of the amazing village


Meemure  ‘මීමුරේ’ is literaly a beautiful village. The surrounding t the village  is a beautiful sight.In addition to this, one can also see the “lakegala” and “Wedi lunu gala”.

meemure_wowtovisit_sri lanka
Paddy Field In Meemure Village

Meemure Village Located on the eastern slope of the dumbara mountain range, amidst the knuckle range, Is a beautiful village  surrounded by traditional traditions. Hunnasgiriya is 39km along mahiyangana A-26 road. You can reach the village of meemure road. A trip to the village of meemure offers you a wide range of accommodation, Including indoor lodging and camping ground. You can find lodging in many village houses.

meemure_මීමුරේ_sri lanka village

Meemure ‘ මීමුරේ’ is a memorable trip to the minds of many tourists, A few years ago , travelers thought that the journey to meemure was a tough one. But for now many feel that it is not a difficult journey. Around 36 km from hunnasgiriya, this picturesque village is surrounded by the knuckles range  and has a concrete road leading to the end.

It is believed that Meemure village has been given name meemure as always fogged time to time and also believed that the”meemure” was given its name because of the abudance of bee trees.

If you are interested in visiting the village of Meemure, it’s also important that you visit the village and learn about facilities. There are also several shops in the Meemure village. The convenience of purchasing them for the general consumption is easy for tourists.

There are  hydropower and thermal power plant. Many of the houses in the village are now receiving solar thermal power, though occasionally it is off. Three wheelers, lorries, There are motorbikes as well as vans, But the villagers are proud to say that meemure is a self -sufficient village despite is isolation from the other areas.

Traditional kithul treacle, Pepper, Cardamom and chena cultivation are the main livelihoods of the people of meemure.

The Meemure village is trading as well as being taken to the city and they are economically  significant. In addition, Theses Meemure villagers earn a  considerable income from tourism.

meemure_මීමුරේ_sri lanka village

Before giving a glimpse of the beautiful scenery of meemure ‘ මීමුරේ’, you should consider few things, when making a trip to village. The village is very far from the city , so take the drinks and foods, check to see if the vehicle is in good condition.It is best to contact someone in the village for a walk in the village. Since there are leeches, it must be prepared. Be sure to bring back all your carry-on items, Especially disposable polythene and plastic.

meemure_wowtovisit_sri lanka
River In Meemure Village

The village is associated with the  king rajasinghe.It is said that king rajasinghe has fled to this village in order to escape the british. The ruins are still visible today. That’s good example, Legend has it that the house built in the middle  of a courtyard with stone and porch walls was built by king sri wickrema rajasinghe to house his daughter.

meemure_wowtovisit_sri lanka

Sri dalada maligawa

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