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1 of the Popular Kovil (Temple), Koneshwaran Kovil.

Koneshwaran” East shrine Kovil(Temple)

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Among the most popular temple in Sri Lanka, The Koneshwaran(Koneshwaram) Kovil is one of the most famous temples in Sri Lanka.

Trincomalee is known as one of the best natural harbours in the world. it’s name and fame re said to have originated from prehistoric time. The temple is situated on a lofty rock on three sides by the sea. no wonder it has a reputation as a tourist attraction. All tourists visiting the beauty of Trincomalee come to see the beauty of the Koneshwaran (Koneshwaram) Kovil.


Upon reaching the Kovil, the surrounding is beautiful and we see deer, peacock and monkeys. although you cannot explain surely, you can feel the spiritual calm and tranquillity when you enter to the temple. You will also experience the historic things that the temple can withstand.

A large number of devotees come to this Kovil for the purpose of obtaining children. A very good example of this is devotion and homage to the cradles that hang around the temple.

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The peak of the Fedrick fort is called swami Mount and seen at the top of the mountain, the Kovil and surrounding area are very beautiful. The Hindu priests believe that the Koneshwaran Kovil which is said to have existed from the “Ravana” period has a history of 6500 years.

And also Hindu devotees believe that Sri Lanka’s Koneshwaran Kovil is the most powerful Kovil dedicated to Lord shiva throughout the world.

It is also worth mentioning about the “Ravana Kapuma” in this temple. According to folklore, King Ravana sacrificed to the Koneshwaran Devalaya to obtain Sivalingam from God. God was not visible, So he tried to shake the mountain with his shoulder’s. However, it is said that the mountain has been cut down wit it’s sword because the mountain has was not moving. however, Ravana who is the follower of shiva, it’s said that God forgave him and gave him a shiva linga even though he was punished by God. This “Ravana Kapuma” can be seen by all those who visit the Kovil. The place where the Koneshwaran cut the mountain with the sword is still known as the Ravana Kapuma.

It was known as the “Great Pagoda” or “Pagoda” with a thousand pillars” by the Portuguese. During the British period it was called “Swami Rock” it’s history dating as far back as the 4th century.

The name and fame of Koneshwaran (Koneshwaram) were widely spread. But about 1624 the temple was looted and later heavily damaged by the Portuguese.

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It has a history of more than three millennia with records showing it’s origins in 1580.while this has not been proven, the truth remains that the ancient Cave “temple” beneath the mountain dates back to pre – Sangamon times. It’s also the fact that the exiled Indian prince “Vijaya”‘ was a well established and popular temple at the age of 6. “Lord shiva” also known as Ishwar, rules the holy Konam mountain.It is believed that the name “Konam” came from the ancient Tamil word meaning”peak”.Another name given to the temple is the “Southern kailam” The name of the culture means “Kailash Mount” in the south. Some call it “ati koneshwaram” whili ati is the Tamil word for ancient language.

koneshwaran _wowtovisit _kovil_temple

Daily rituals are held at the Koneshwaran Kovil (temple)The pooja is held at 7.15 am, 11am and 4 pm

A large number of devotees come here during these times. the Koneshwaran Kovil(temple) is one of the most revered and venerated places of the Hindus. all those who visit this place don’t forget to see the carvings, art inside and The beauty of the surroundings.

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