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Dondra (Dewundara)is an Amazing Lighthouse 1 in Sri Lanka



“Dewundara”(Dondra) Lighthouse is a preeminent place to measure the four corners in Sri Lanka, This lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Sri Lanka and also one of the tallest in South Asia. Next to it lies the boundary stone that marked the southern end of Sri Lanka.

This lighthouse located in the most beautiful place in Sri Lanka. built-in 1878, it is 160 feet high. Europeans call it “Dondra (Dewundara) Lighthouse”.


Dondra (Dewundara)lighthouse operated and maintained by the Sri Lanka ports authority. lighthouse made of stone and it’s a remarkable piece of architecture.

The lighthouse is near to village Dondra (Dewundara)and approximately 6 Km south-east Matara. Dondra (Dewundara) is a synonym for Devi-Nuwara in the local Sinhala language. Devi meaning is a Gods and Nuwara Meaning “City” Dondra (Dewundara) is their fore derived to mean City of the “Gods”

Dondra Lighthouse in Sri Lanka


Dondra (Dewundara)lighthouse is consists of seven-storey, 14-panel yellow windows and 196 Steps. Dondra (Dewundara)Head is one of the four international lighthouses in Sri Lanka. It was refurbished in 2000 with the introduction of a differential global positioning system, which connects computers with other major lighthouses around the coast.


Dondra (Dewundara)head lighthouse was designed by sir “James Nicholas Douglass”. It was built by “William Douglass ” and imperial lighthouse service. The construction of the building was started in 198 November. And all the materials used to make it have been imported from England. work on this lighthouse was completed in March 1890.

Dondra“(Dewundara) head is a limited number of lighthouses designed to hold large Hyper Radiant Fresnel Lenses available at the end of the 19th century. Four of these lenses were used and were all made by Chance Brother’s of England.


Dondra (Dewundara)More details 

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