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Ancient Jaffna Fort

Jaffna Dutch Fort

Jaffna fort

This Jafffna fort was constructed in 1619 by the portuguese as a 4 sided garrison, with rampart corner bastions and moat ,
After that in 1658 .

The dutch captured it and expanded it to a pentagon shaped with lime stones and coral stones -inner fortifications with rampart ,corner bastions and star shaped moat ,The dutch fort occupies 62 acres of land.its base was 40 feet width; and it has a slop of 20 feet width paraphet walls.there were 5 ramparts .artillery fortyfication.a protestent church, a prison ,queen’s place. Administrative garrisons and 21 dug wells,

Jaffna fort_jaffna_sri lanka

There are 3 bridges between the outler fortifications and the inner fort in the moats.it is a distinctive dutch architectural site in south east asia. Afterwards in1795. The british captured the dutch fort and made few renovations and used as theier administrative garrison.

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