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Rulers of Sri Lanka, Ancient Kings

King/QueenYearRuling PeriodCapital
Vijaya543-505 BC38 YearsThammanna Nuwara
Upathissa505-504BC1 YearUpathissa Nuwara
Panduwasadewa504-47430 YearsUpathissa Nuwara
Abhaya474-454BC20 YearsUpathissa Nuwara
Pandukabhaya437-367BC70 YearsAnuradhapuraya
Mutasiwa367-307BC60 YearsAnuradhapuraya
Dewananpiyathissa307-267BC40 YearsAnuradhapuraya
Uththiya267-257BC10 YearsAnuradhapuraya
Mahasiwa257-247BC10 YearsAnuradhapuraya
Surathissa247-237BC10 YearsAnuradhapuraya
Sana and Ghuttika237-215BC10 YearsAnuradhapuraya
Asela215-205BC10 YearaAnuradhapuraya
Elara205-161BC44 YearsAnuradhapuraya
Dutugamunu161-137BC24 YearsAnuradhapuraya
Saddathissa137-119BC18 YearsAnuradhapura
Tullaththana119BC01 MonthAnuradhapura
Lanjithissa119-109BC09 Years and 8 MonthsAnuradhapura
Kallathanaga109-103BC06 YearsAnuradhapura
Wattagamini Abaya103BC05 MonthsAnuradhapura
Walagamba89-76BC12 YearsAnuradhapura
Pulahattha103-100BC03 YearsAnuradhapura
Bhahiya100-98BC02 YearsAnuradhapura
Panayamara98-91BC07 YearsAnuradhapura
Piliyamara91-90BC07 MonthsAnuradhapura
Dhatiya90-89BC02 YearsAnuradhapura
Mahasilu Mahathissa76-62BC14 YearsAnuradhapura
Choranaga62-50BC12 YearsAnuradhapura
Thissa(Kuda thissa)50-47BC03 YearsAnuradhapura
Anula47-42BC04 Years and 03 MonthsAnuradhapura
Kutakanakathissa42-20BC22 YearsAnuradhapura
Bhatiya,Bhatika,Abhaya 20BC-09AC28 YearsAnuradhapura
Mahadathiya Mahanaga09-21AC12 YearsAnuradhapura
Amanda Gamini21-30AC09 YearsAnuradhapura
Kanirajauthissa30-33AC03 YearsAnuradhapura
Chulabaya33-35AC02 YearsAnuradhapura
Queen Seewali35AC04 MonthsAnuradhapura
Eylanaga35-44 AC09 Years Anuradhapura
Chandramukhaseewa44-52 AC08 Years Anuradhapura
Yasalalakathissa52-60 AC07 Years 08 months Anuradhapura
subharaja60-66 AC06 Years Anuradhapura
Wasabha66-110 AC44 years Anuradhapura
Wankanasikathissa110-113 AC03 years Anuradhapura
Gajaba-1113-135 AC22 Years Anuradhapura
Mahallakhanagha135-141 AC06 Years Anuradhapura
Bhathiya Thissa -11141-165 AC24 Years Anuradhapura
Kanitthathissa165-193 AC28 Years Anuradhapura
Chulanaga193-195 AC02 Years Anuradhapura
Kunchanaga195-196 AC01 Year Anuradhapura
Sirinaga196-215 AC19 Years Anuradhapura
Voharikathissa215-236 AC22 Years Anuradhapura
Abhayanaga236-244 AC08 Years Anuradhapura
Sirinaga-II244-246 AC08 Years Anuradhapura
Vijayakumara246-247 AC01 Years Anuradhapura
Sangathissa247-251 AC04 Years Anuradhapura
Sirisangabhodi251-253 AC02 Years Anuradhapura
ghotabaya253-266 AC13 Years Anuradhapura
Detuthis-I266-276 AC10 Years Anuradhapura
mahasen276-303 AC27 Years Anuradhapura
Sirimewan303-331 AC28 Years Anuradhapura
Detuthissa-II331-340 AC09 Years Anuradhapura
Budhdhadasa340-369 AC29 Years Anuradhapura
Upathissa-1369-410 AC42 Years Anuradhapura
Mahanama410-432 AC22 Years Anuradhapura
Sothithisena432 AC01 Day Anuradhapura
Chathathagrahaka432-433 AC01 Year Anuradhapura
Miththasena433-434 AC01 Years Anuradhapura
Pandu434-459 AC Anuradhapura
Parinda 434-459 AC Anuradhapura
Kudaparinda 434-459 AC Anuradhapura
Thirithara 434-459 AC Anuradhapura
Dhatiya 434-459 AC Anuradhapura
Phitiya 434-459 AC Anuradhapura
Dhatusena459-477 AC Anuradhapura
Kashayapa477-495 AC Anuradhapura
Mugalan-1495-512 AC18 Years Anuradhapura
Kumaradasa512-521 AC9 Years Anuradhapura
Keerthisena521 AC09 months Anuradhapura
Siwa521 AC25 Days Anuradhapura
Upathissa-II521-522 AC01 Year Anuradhapura
Silakala522-535 AC13 Years Anuradhapura
Dathappabhuthi535 AC06 Months Anuradhapura
Mugalan-III535-555 AC20 Years Anuradhapura
Kithisirimewan555-573 AC19 Years Anuradhapura
Mahanaga53-575 AC03 Years Anuradhapura
Agbo575-608 AC34 Years Anuradhapura
Abo III 608-618 AC10 Years Anuradhapura
Sangathissa618 AC02 months Anuradhapura
Mugalan- III 618-623 AC5 Years Anuradhapura
Asirgrahaka623-632 AC09 Years Anuradhapura
Agbo- III 632 AC06 Months Anuradhapuraya
Jeththathissa632 AC05 Months Anuradhapuraya
Abgo III 632-648 AC16 Years Anuradhapuraya
Dathasiwa648-650 AC02 Years Anuradhapuraya
Kashayapa- II650-659 AC09 Years Anuradhapuraya
Dappula- I659-662 AC03 Years Anuradhapuraya
Haththadatha659-667 AC09 Years Anuradhapuraya
Agbo  IV 667-683 AC16 Years Anuradhapuraya
Daththa683-684 AC02 Years Anuradhapuraya
hathathadatha684 AC06 Years Anuradhapuraya
Manawamma684-719 AC35 Years Anuradhapuraya
Agbo  V719-725 AC06 Years Anuradhapuraya
Kashshapa III 725-731 AC06 Years Anuradhapuraya
Mahinda 1731-733 AC03 Years Anuradhapuraya
Agbo VI 733-722 AC40 Years Anuradhapuraya
Agbo VII 772-718AC06 Years Anuradhapuraya
Mihindu II20 Years Anuradhapuraya
Dappula II797-802 AC05 Years Anuradhapuraya
Mihindi III 802-805 AC03 Years Anuradhapuraya
Agbo VIII 805-816 AC11 Years Anuradhapuraya
Dappula III 816-831 AC16 Years Anuradhapuraya
Agbo IX831-833 AC02 Years Anuradhapuraya
Sena I833-853 AC20 Years Anuradhapuraya
Sena II 853-887 AC35 Years Anuradhapuraya
Udaya II 887-898 AC11 Years Anuradhapuraya
Kashshapa IV898-915 AC17 Years Anuradhapuraya
Kashshapa V 915-924 AC09 Years Anuradhapuraya
Dappula IV 924 AC07 Months Anuradhapuraya
Dappula V 924-935 AC12 Years Anuradhapuraya
Udaya II 935-938 AC03 Years Anuradhapuraya
Sena III938-946 AC08 Years Anuradhapuraya
Udaya III 946-952 AC06 Years Anuradhapuraya
Sena IV 952-955 AC03 Years Anuradhapuraya
Mihindu IV 955-972 AC16 Years Anuradhapuraya
Sena V 972-982 AC10 Years Anuradhapuraya
Mihindu V 982-1018 AC36 Years Anuradhapuraya
Vijayabahu I1055-1110 AC55 YearsPolonnaruwa
Jayabahu I 1110 AC01 Year Polonnaruwa
Vickramabahu 1110 -1131 AC21 Years Polonnaruwa
Gajaba II1131-1153 AC22 Years Polonnaruwa
Maha parakramabahu I 1153-1186 AC33 Years Polonnaruwa
Vijayabahu II 1186-1187 AC01 Year Polonnaruwa
Mihindu IV 117 AC05 Days Polonnaruwa
Nishshankamalla1187-1196 AC09 Years Polonnaruwa
Veerabahu I 1196 AC01 Day Polonnaruwa
Vikramabahu II 1196 AC03 Months Polonnaruwa
chidaganga1196-1197 AC09 months Polonnaruwa
Leelawathi1197-1200 AC03 Years Polonnaruwa
Leelawathi1210 AC01 Year Polonnaruwa
Leelawathi1212 AC07 Months Polonnaruwa
Sahasamalla1200-1202 AC02 Years Polonnaruwa
Kalyanawati1202-1210 AC08 yearsPolonnaruwa
Darmshoka1210 AC01 year Polonnaruwa
Anikanga1210 AC17 Days Polonnaruwa
Lokeshwara1211 AC09 Months Polonnaruwa
Parakramapandu1212-1215 AC03 Years Polonnaruwa
Kainga-Maga1215-1236 AC21 Years Polonnaruwa
Vijayabahi III 1220-1224 AC04 YearsDambadeniya
Parakramabahu II 1234-1269 AC35 Years Dambadeniya
Vijayabahu IV 1267-1270 AC03 Years Dambadeniya
Buvanekabahu I1270-1283 AC12 Years Dambadeniya & Yapahuwa
Parakramabahu III 1287-1293 AC06 Years Polonnaruwa
Buwanekabahu II 1293-1302 AC09 Years Kuregala
Panditha Parakramabahu IV 1302-1326 AC24 Years Kurunegala
Buwanekabahu III Kurunegala
Vijayabahu V Kurunegala
buvanekabahu IV 1341-1353 AC12 Years Gampola
Parakramabahu V 1344-1359 AC15 Years Dedigama & Gampola
Vickramabahu III 1357-1374 AC17 Years Gampola
Buvanekabahu V 1372-1408 AC37 Years Gampola
Veerabahu II 1392-1397 AC05 Years Raigama
Veeraalakeshvara1397-1410 AC12 Years Raigama
Parakramabahu VI 1412-1467 AC55 Years Kotte
Jayabahu II 1467-1472 AC05 Years Kotte
Buvanekabahu VI 142-1480 AC09 Years Kotte
Parakramabahu VII 1480-1484 AC04 Years Kotte
Veeraparakramabu VIII 1484-1508 AC24 Years Kotte
Darma Parakramabahu IX 1508-1528 AC20 Years Kotte & Kelaniya
Vijayabahu VII 1510-1522 AC12 Years Kotte
Buwanekabahu VII 1522-1551 AC30 Years Kotte
Darmapla1551-1597 AC46 Years Kotte
mayadunna1521-1581 AC60 Years Seethawaka
Rajasinghe I 1554-1593 AC39 Years Mahanuwara
Don pilip1591 AC01 Years Mahanuwara
Wimaladarmasuriya I 1592–160412 Years Mahanuwara
Senarath1604-163531 Years Mahanuwara
Rajasinghe II 1635-1687 AC52 Years Senkadagala
Wimaladarmasuriya II 1687-1707 AC20 Years mahanuwara
Narendrasinghe1707-1739 AC32 Years Mahanuwara
Vijaya Rajasinghe1739-1747 AC08 Years Mahanuwara
Keerthi Sri rajasinghe1747-1782 AC35 Years Mahanuwara
Radhirajasinghe1782-1798 AC16 Years Mahanuwara
Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe1798-1815 AC17 Years Mahanuwara

Ancient Kingdoms

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