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Best Hotels in Sri Lanka

Perhaps you will be traveling to Sri Lanka and are wondering about the best hotels in Sri Lanka. When you consider the best hotels in Sri Lanka that we mention here, you will not be confused about Sri Lanka hotels. You will have access to the best hotels in Sri Lanka when you want a vacation that is relaxing, luxurious, and delightful.

1.Heritance Kandalama

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Heritage Kandalama is located in Dambulla and offers suites and rooms that overlook the awesome reservoir. You can enjoy a classy spa on-site with the convenience also of a great restaurant that offers a wide selection of various cuisines. In fact, the restaurant likes to combine different foods from different cuisines to make unique dishes to please guests at Heritance Kandalama. This hotel is outstanding, and you will enjoy the nature of the region that is unspoiled. The swimming pool and spa are super clean. The staff members are friendly and helpful. It is lovely to have a hotel that is surrounded by the nearby jungle to make the place elite and relaxing.

2.Water Garden Sigiriya


Water Garden Sigiriya is located in Sigiriya and is a wonderful place to stay. This hotel offers high-end villas. You will have a great time in your private plunge pool. The gourmet dining experience of this hotel is terrific. You get access to an amazing spa as well as top-class butler service. This hotel is graced with many streams and ponds on the premises. You will be able to enjoy views of an ancient fortress that dates back to the fifth century when you stay at this fine hotel. This hotel is luxurious, offers wonderful amenities, and is well designed.

3.Ceylon Tea Trails

When you want to stay in a place that is spacious, then you will delight in staying at Ceylon Tea Trails in Dimbula. This hotel is situated on sprawling terrain amidst the hills. You will be able to have your own private bungalow when you stay here. You are given butler service and you are also served tea in the afternoon. In addition, you can enjoy applying lawn croquet. There are several infinity pools onsite for ultra relaxation. The emerald hills that surround this hotel are awesome and you will feel so relaxed. You will sense the coolness of the hills, which makes the place ideal to stay when you do not want to be inundated with too much heat. You can enjoy boat trips, hiking, and biking when you stay at this inspiring hotel.

4.Unique Towers Luxury Boutique Suites

When you want a luxury hotel right in the city in Sri Lanka, then you will be truly pleased to stay at Unique Towers Luxury Boutique Suites, which is a top-quality hotel that provides accommodations that are comfortable, The suites have the convenience of air conditioning, so that you can remain pleasantly cool. You will enjoy the usage of the nice kitchenette in your suite that is truly well equipped. You get access to free parking as well as free WiFi when you stay at this well-maintained hotel. You will find that the selection of furniture is high-end and you will enjoy access to a television, a washing machine, a dining area as well as a sofa seating area, besides the sleeping area and your private bathroom. Moreover, you will be provided with luggage storage services as well as newspaper services if you desire. This hotel is conveniently located, as you will be able to walk to the railway station and shopping mall.


The Sandhya is located in Branige Watha Polhengoda. You will enjoy the casual relaxed ambiance of this boutique hotel that offers a high standard of luxury living while you are on vacation in Sri Lanka. It is situated on the lovely Kabalan Surf Beach and you will be impressed by the mesmerizing views of the sunsets that settle across the Indian Ocean. You will have a pleasant stay here without any hassles, as the staff members do their best to please and help visitors at all times. This hotel offers tasty meals that are personalized according to your preferences. This is a gorgeous hotel that is extremely clean, which adds to the delightful ambiance of the place.

6.Kathaluwa Mahawalawwa


The Kathaluwa Mahawalawwa is a fabulous hotel that offers driver services to pick you up from the airport to bring you to the hotel. With this type of service, you feel extra safe. This hotel is located in Atadallhewatta Kathaluwa. You will find that the staff members are caring and pleasant. The service is quick here and you will enjoy the proximity of the beach. This hotel offers an uncluttered and elegant experience with its minimalistic style and simplicity. The beds are super comfortable and you can enjoy the view of the beach from your own private balcony, which adds a charming touch to your stay here.

7.Mosvold Villa


When you are looking for paradise, then you will be thrilled with your stay at Mosvold Villa that is located in Wellengoda. This hotel is situated along the splendid coastal line in the southern region of Sri Lanka. This is a vibrant hotel that offers the best experience to all visitors. The property is well designed and you will be offered free breakfast each morning. You all get access to the lovely pool, free high-speed internet and transportation to the airport. You will be glad that this hotel permits children to stay here. You will find that the rooms are comfortable, clean and nicely decorated. There is a restaurant on site. But when you want to relax in the privacy of your room, you can get your meals delivered to your room as well.



When you need a top-quality hotel that offers a great place to relax, then you will be delighted to stay at Shangri-La in Colombo. This hotel offers spacious rooms that are modernly decorated. The place is ultra-clean to make your stay enjoyable. You are provided with plenty of fresh towels and the beds are super comfortable. You will be pleased that there is free internet service and you can also enjoy the usage of the relaxing pool. The staff members provide excellent assistance and are polite. The views of the city are spectacular from the hotel windows. You have access to a large television in your room and the rooms are comfortably equipped with air conditioners for your full relaxing leisure

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