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10 Best Sri Lanka Beaches to Visit

The beach is the perfect place to be during summer. And there is no better place to find a beach than in Sri Lanka. In fact, Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful beaches filled with giant palm trees and vast, heavenly coastlines. People always marvel at the sight of the soft, white sand that sits strikingly against the blue ocean. A lot of people choose to visit the beaches in Sri Lanka, but with so many beaches to choose from, people don’t always know which place to go to. It takes a certain amount of knowledge to know the best places to go for a swim or where the swells are big enough to surf. But whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll definitely be able to find them in the top 10 Sri Lanka beaches we have on the list.

1. Mirissa

sri lanka beaches _mirissa
Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

If there is a beach that easily represents everything beautiful about Sri Lanka beaches, you can be sure that it is Mirissa. Mirissa is filled with ivory sand contrasted by red cliffs and blue waves. The picture-perfect scene has attracted the interest of many tourists. As such, it has the busiest and most sought-after resorts during the holiday seasons. With a lot of people going there, the summer days are filled with some cool drinks and talented DJs.

2. Arugam bay

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The moon-shaped beach with the golden sand is a place to find some peace and solitude. Since the town near it is only composed of a few people, it is a good place to relax and to take some time to reflect on your own. Moreover, the town only has one main road that is close to some lagoons. So if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all, this is a great place to wind down.

3.Medaketiya Beach

Located along the southeast coast, Medaketiya houses a long stretch of sandy beach near the edge of the coast. In this area, you’ll get to feel a lot of o waves and wind that are particularly strong in the southeast part of the island. However, this long stretch of beach is filled with hidden treasures that come in the form of affordable guesthouses and mellow cafes, perfect for contemplating your next great adventure. While the beach can get quite busy, it still remains pretty lowkey. The sand shimmers like gold under the sun, but with its treasures also comes a bit of danger. The strong winds and big waves at Medaketiya calls for some caution as the big swells make swimming a little more dangerous compared to other beaches.

4. Uppuveli

Uppuveli is one of the best Sri Lanka beaches to go to if you are looking to have some fun. Aside from the golden sand that is a staple for all Sri Lanka beaches, it also has some very attractive places and excellent food to offer. Not only that, but you have a chance to see the fantastic wildlife reserve at Pigeon Island. This is the home of a lively coral reef that guests can visit through snorkeling activities. They also offer some affordable accommodations, which makes Uppuveli one of the favorite spots of tourists when they are in East Sri Lanka.

5. Unawatuna

sri lanka beaches_unawatuna
Image by Priscila Prika from Pixabay

Dotted with beautiful and tall palm trees that look perfect against the blue backdrop of the ocean, Unawatuna is one of the most beautiful Sri Lanka beaches you can visit. It has become very popular that a lot of good restaurants, resorts, and guesthouses are available in the area. Not only is it a wonderful beach to visit, but it also offers some great coves to explore along the west part of the beach.


blue 4918077 1920
Image by confused_me from Pixabay

Like Unawatuna, Bentota beach is a fun location that glitters gold under the sun. Here, you can find various water sports to try out while you try to stay active during the summer. Not only that, but there are lovely beach resorts right in front of the ocean, giving you a great view of the blue waters and the swelling waves. If you’re looking for something less expensive, there are also choices along the Aluthgama riverbank, where you can also get to experience boat rides across the inlet.

7.Manalkadu Beach

Located along the Jaffna Peninsula, not many people have visited the soft sands of Manalkadu beach. It is a true escape that is reserved for people who are really there to explore or to get lost in their dreams. Those that are able to find their way to Manalkadue Beach find unblemished golden sands that seem to go on forever. Some fishing boats line the coast along with some palm trees that look striking against the golden sand. There are no commercial places such as restaurants, cafes, or vendors to ruin the view, so you can sit back and enjoy some quiet time at the beach.


If you have the budget to go all out on your summer vacation, then you can book a stay at Passekudah beach, which is home to the luxurious beachfront hotels of Sri Lanka. But, aside from the beautiful hotels, it is truly the bay and the shallow waters that will take your breath away.

9.Mount Lavinia

Closer to the city than the other beaches, you can check out Colombo. While it is not as breathtaking as the beaches that came before it, it is one of the most convenient beaches to visit if you’re only squeezing it into a busy summer schedule. However, a perk of being close to the city is that the beach boasts inexpensive and excellent seafood restaurants. Additionally, the sunsets here are truly amazing.


photo 1538586001504 b79341b88ebe

Finally, there is Hikkaduwa beach which is one of, if not the most, serene Sri Lank beaches. It is also one of the oldest beaches in Sri Lanka, having been a tourist destination since the ’70s. So, if you want some peace and quiet, Hikkaduwa is another excellent option for you.

There are definitely a lot of wonderful Sri Lanka beaches to choose from, depending on your budget, your purpose, and your summer plans. But whatever it is you are looking for, you can definitely find it in one of the beautiful and inviting white-sand beaches of Sri Lanka. So the next time you are looking for a great travel destination that includes a beautiful beach, Sri Lanka is the place to be.

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