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Unbelievable Nine Arch Bridge in Sri Lanka

Best Train tour in the world, Nine Arch bridge is the best bridge

The amazing nine arch bridge between “Ella” and “Demodara” station is unbelievable engineering marvels in the early 20th century,

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This bridge is almost 100 years old. Has been built with blocks of stone and cement without any straightening iron or concrete.the giant arches take the bridge on a curved path to link to mountains.the bridge was commissioned on 1921 under the British government.

The wonderful time to be there is when the train is passing, hence check the train schedule before you go. And be very careful when you standing on sides of the bridge when the train goes across the bridge.

Attractions In Nine Arch Bridge

One of the main tourist attractions of the city, Ella is a 300-foot (91.44 m) high and 25 ft (7.62 m) arched bridge, which is one of the major tourist attractions in the city of Ella. The bridge and its railway line were designed with a 1:44 bend. And the bridge is built with a bend. The railway has a 9-degree curve and the distance between two arches is 30 feet.

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Nine Arch Bridge History

All the raw materials needed to build the railway line come from Great Britain. World War I begins while the railway line is brought to the Ella Railway Station. That war has made it difficult to transport raw materials from Great Britain. Therefore, the British and Sri Lankan engineers in charge of the Kandyan Railway are concerned about the use of local raw materials for the construction of the railway line. There are fears that the strength and durability of the local raw material will pose problems. So it is finally decided to use concrete moulds.

The Bandarawela-Badulla railway line was a difficult and time-consuming task at the time, with three British emperors appointed and the Bandarawela-Badulla railway line functioning under ten British governors. From the Ella railway station to the Demodara railway station a number of culverts have been created using concrete moulds.

The bridge is made of mud between two hills. The base of the mud pits is built of strength, with nine large arches supported by 10 large towers. In the middle of those huge towers, there is a huge circular hole. According to reports, the base of the bridge was made by using a mixture of crustaceans, crude graphite blocks and concrete mixing into the deeper pits. The timber and timber used for the construction of the bridge have been imported from Burma. The bridge of these nine arches is not made of stone. For this purpose concrete, moulded concrete with cement, sand and stone in the ratio of 3: 2: 1 is used. The stones are made of cement and bonded together.

The outline of the nine arches was designed by H.H. R. The history of Ceylon Railways can be traced back to the British engineer Marwood. According to sources, the construction work of this bridge was started in 1913-1917 and completed in 1919. The reason for the construction of several bridges in and around this area is due to the great iron shortage in Britain. The first World War was the increased use of iron and the attack of German cargo ships to other cargo ships.

In designing the bridge of the nine arches, D. JR. Sri Lankan engineer Wimalasurendra has participated and Also, the masonry work of the nine arches has been handled by P.P. Mr K. It is also known as Appuhamy.

The railway bridge is located between the Ella and Demodara railway stations. The railway (culvert) of these nine arches is located on the Kandyan Railway, 169 3/4 miles from Colombo. This is about a kilometre along the Ella-Namunukula road in Ella and you will find a small temple. The nearest small tank is called the Bore tank. Go along that road until the road is over. You can then walk down a small footbridge to the Nine Arches Bridge. This is the route most foreigners choose. From Ella, you can easily get here without much effort. If you are travelling by car, you can turn right on Ella town and come back to Demodara.

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