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1 of Beauty Bambarakiri Ella Falls

BambaraKiri Ella Falls

Rathtota, Matale, Sri Lanka

Bambarakiri Ella waterfall is a beautiful and tall waterfall in Sri Lanka. Bambara Kiri Ella waterfall 299th tallest waterfall. the beautiful waterfalls down a sheer vertical rockface down a height of 863 Feet(263m)

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About Bambarakiri Ella

 Km from Rambota.  It is 16 km from Matale, the district capital on the Dambulla-Kandy road.

Located on the northern slopes of the Knuckles Mountains, the spectacular waterfall at Bambarakiri Ela is less visited by foreign tourists.  Tourists heading to Riverstone for a safari on the south gate of Naples Mountains or Wasgamuwa National Park will sometimes take a break at the impressive Bambarakiri Falls.

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 There are two waterfalls, the smaller one is a bit hidden in the woods.  The name of the second waterfall is “Kuda Bambarikiri Ela”, which means “small”.

Bambarakiri Ella is a great place for a picnic in the jungle.  A rope bridge spanning the waterfall pool adds to the beauty of the view.  The waterfall consists of three waterfalls and is located below the natural pool of the bridge with the highest slope suspension.  Bathing here is dangerous because of the expansion of the pool boundary.

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In May 2002, 17 or 18 people died while bathing in a pool due to fears of a sudden rise in water levels.  In all, Bambarakiri Falls is said to have had three dozen fatalities in recent decades.

How To Get there -Bambarakiri Ella

From Matale you can without problems attain Ilukkumbura from Matale and from there take the Girandurukotte road to Rattota and from there to Laggala easily reach Bambarakiri Falls.

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