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Umandawa maha vihara monastery

Umandawa Maha Vihara Ashramaya


Umandawa maha Viharaya is a monastery to facilitate human welfare and spiritual development of all human beings, The Umandawa maha Viharaya monastery opened as international vipassana meditation centre in 2015. The world ‘Umandawa’ means the land of the wise. This word was originally derived from the Sanskrit word ummagga. The monastery is 55 acres and is full of beautiful trees and animal life. since 2016 a number of projects have been started at the umandawa maha viharaya.

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This monastery is located in the remote part of Melsiripura in Sri Lanka. The Monastery is still under development. All the constructions of Umandawa represent various ancient architectural traditions. Umandawa Maha Viharaya is also a non-profit organization run by about 50 Buddhist monks and Buddhist nuns.Umandawa maha viharaya is supported by nearly 500 volunteers in the district. umandawa also cultivated with very rare herbs and plants that can be used for human wel being. Different kind of nature-friendly agriculture took place in umandawa past year.


The Beautiful natural and clean air around it will cleanse any human being to improve the quality of the people around the monastery. The Umandawa school (free education ) started several social programmes such health camps and agricultural education


Meditation –

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Vipassana Meditation is practised in Umandawa , where one learns to be mindful of every activity, For beginners, The first Maitri Bhavana vipassana meditation on love, kindness, and Anapanasathi Bhavana which focuses on your breath, is taught before going into the meditation which is a more advanced practice for keeping mindful in mind.

Umandawa_Buddhist tempe _wowtovisit

Umandawa Temple

Every daily activity is mind-boggling and trained to be mindful throughout the day. eating, walking or having a meal together, umandawa is a beautiful, Nutritious, simple environment where the mind can be awakened, Both sangha, nuns and participants work in silence, sitting meditating, relaxing, and mindfulness, Residents of the monastery must walk on foot, engage in daily activities of the monastery, planting trees, maintaining organic farming, and preparing food, and focus on individual activities, Everything in umandawa is organic and no artificial fertilizer is used in the production of fresh produce or paddy, it has lush green colour and is rich in fruits, vegetables and flowers, Spice gardens and ginger fields are also part of the landscape


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Umandawa_Buddhist tempe _wowtovisit
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