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World’s tallest granite samadhi buddha statue

world’s tallest granite samadhi buddha statue

Wolrd’s largest granite buddha statue the monaragala vihara was built in the rambodagalla area near ridigama in kurunegala.

World's tallest granite samadhi buddha statue_monaragala temple

The samadhi statue is 67.5 feet high and is made of huge granite rock. The statue of the buddha in polonnaruwa. which is currently the tallest statue in Sri lanka, is 22 feet high and the avukana statue is 38 feet 10 inches.

World's tallest samadhi buddha statue_monaragala temple

The sulpture of this statue was started on 13th september 2002 at the monaragala pirivena vihara, Rambodagalla, padma shri, india NM The craftsmanship was done by the indian capenters led by ‘sthapathi’

Monaragala vihara is situated 5km away from mallawapitiya on the kurunegala kandy road, passing ridigama.

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