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Nelligala is beautiful and amazing temple

Nelligala international Buddhist center

Nelligala is a magnificent sacred place with relics built recently. Located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level and 11km from the city of kandy and 7km from peradeniya town, This beautiful place is truly beautiful in its literal sense.

There are several main roads leading to nelligala .


While Climbing the mountain, The environment creates a spectacular view.Not only the sigiriya rock but also the samanola peak and several other mountain ranges surrounded by fog.


The hanthana mountains, Knuckles mountains, Aludeniya mountains and pidurutalaga on the other side are very visible to this place.

The road from the village of murutalawa to nelligala has been paved with tar and carpeted. There is also parking at the top of the mountain, as we as parking for a large bus.

“ven. Wathurakumbure Dharmarathana thero is the founder of this international buddhist center.A beautiful “chaitiya ” on the top of the mountain has been erected and made available to the devotees of sri sakyasinghe maha seya.


The main objective of this program is to create buddhist monks who are lacking in buddhism, to engage in the dhamma of the yuth, to lead the misguided youth and to spread  buddhism all over the world.

This place is special for several reasons. Specially the place is very beautiful, amazing  and wonderful , it is in the middle of the beautiful mountain ranges in several provinces of sabaragamuwa and  northwestern provinces and is a paradise for many birds.


If you come to the kandy, come to this beautiful place to visit.


I Laksitha ,nature,history lover and blogger,
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