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Little Adam’s Peak For Best Hiking Experience

Little adam’s Peak

little adam's peak
little adam’s peakAmazing View

Little Adam’s Peak Height- 1141M

In Sri Lanka, Ella is very famous all over the world. It has an amazing view of the scenery. Located in Ella, Sri Lanka, this eye-catching, and outstanding peak has long been a tourist attraction. The reason for its popularity is the amazing view that never fails to attract and captivate the viewers.

It can be a long journey but it helps tourists to deal with nature differently. Little Adams climbs to the top because of the great climbing experience it offers its climbers. It is full of wildlife and beautiful trees and plants. Resorts and hotels have been built to serve climbers who may have been tired after a long walk. The walk can be long but once someone gets to the top it’s worth the struggle. Walking straight down the road makes it less complicated.

Once the walk is over, visitors can see a large view from the top of the hill. It has a complete and clear view of the city of Ella. The scene looks even more amazing as the clouds began to roll. Good weather is a cherry blossom on top of the scene. The sunset should not be missed. Burning and crimson sunsets are a trend to watch.

Little adam's peak
Little Adam’s peak Buddha statue Image by Adam Hill from Pixabay

 How long from Nuwara eliya to little adam’s peak- 1h 59m

Best views in the world without a massive hike

This is really marvellous place who love to travel with nature and beautiful view.

This is hiking hotspot in the mountain. most of the views from hikes in Ella are amazing with the region well known as a tea plantation.


If you want to enjoy the best views without needing to hike for hours little adam” peak is the place especially for an unforgettable sunset.

little adam's peak
little adam's peak
little adam's peak
little adam's peak
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Tea Plants

  1. How to get Little Adam’s peak?

    Little Adams peak is about 3 KM from the city, you can easily walk to this vicinity from the main avenue, From the Ella go on the Passara road and turn near the hotel Ella flower garden resort

  2. How long does it take to climb little Adams peak

    The little Adams peak 1141 M high is fairly handy to climb with a correct route it will take about 1 hour

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