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Best Places to Visit in India

Places To Visit in India

India is a country that millions of tourists visit every year. It is a continent of its own. One would find the country to be deeply traditional, and it is its traditions that make it a must-visit. Every traveler has India on their bucket list, and for a good reason. Whether it is the desire to experience the beauty of Hinduism or the allure of its culture, India has something to offer everyone.

If you are planning a trip to India and want to know about the best tourist destinations in India, you have come to the right place. This post shares the 10 best Places to visit in India. You will be amazed by the diversity each location has to offer. Explore the colorful streets, markets, and temples while savoring some of the most delicious food in the world during your stay. If you are excited and cannot wait to start planning your trip, here are the best places to visit in India.

1. Shimla

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Shimla is possibly one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India. Starting off the list with a city known for its hill stations and cool climate, you cannot go wrong with Shimla. If you want to start your trip to India from a cooler setting, you cannot go wrong with this beautiful city. Its forested hillsides and cloudy weather have helped it garner the position of being the most romantic place in India. Its scenic outskirts offer the perfect escape. Make sure to head over to the Kalka-Shimla Railway as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It offers stunning views unlike any other. You also get to experience an authentic Northern Indian lifestyle during your stay.

Start your trip to Shimla at the Ridge and make your way to Jakhoo Hill and Temple. As you will be on the Mall Road, you can shop till you drop and satisfy all your Indian culinary cravings. Then, you can check out Gorton Castle, which is also located on Mall Road. It is a neo-gothic-styled castle that was built during the 19th century. Finally, head to Green Valley as you make your way to your next destination.

2. Agra

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Another great tourist destination in India that you must include in your itinerary is Agra. It is home to the amazing Taj Mahal. The chances are that you have always dreamed of seeing the Taj Mahal in person. Therefore, you have to visit Agra to make your dream possible. This Uttar Pradesh city is one of the most visited. There is a lot that you can do during your time, such as check out Mughal monuments such as Akbar’s Mausoleum and Itimad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb. The hypnotic marble designs will leave you amazed. Make sure to visit the Agra Fort and explore its glory.

Next, you should also add Mehtab Bagh (Moonlight Garden) as the Mughal-built luxurious garden is the ideal place to relax and take in the city’s beauty. Then, you can shop till you drop at Subhash Emporium. If you love animals, you will find the Agra Bear Rescue Center and the Elephant Conversation and Care Center to be amazing spots.

3. New Delhi

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The next place to visit in India is none other than New Delhi. Despite the crowds, tourists love visiting the city. It is said to be the most colorful city in India. Offering both modernity and heritage, you have to check out the old and new.

Visit treasured attractions like Humayun’s Tomb, Chandni Chowk, Red Fort, and Jama Masjid. New Delhi holds both cultural and spiritual importance. Additional tourist spots to check out include Qutub Minar (the tallest minaret in India), Lotus Temple (a Bahai House of Worship), and India Gate. Make sure to eat out at the high-end restaurants and street-side stalls to get your food fix.

4. Mumbai

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No trip to India is complete without Mumbai. Experience the cosmopolitan side of the country. The city is home to over 12 million people. It has an energy that will suck you in. You might even come across a Bollywood actor such as Kareena Kapoor, Kajol, Shah Rukh Khan, or Aamir Khan, in case you get lucky. The city is home to the ultra-wealthy. There are plenty of gourmet restaurants and five-star hotels if you prefer luxe living. Go on a cruise at Marine Drive to see the scenic coast in all its glory. 

5. Rajasthan

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Known as the land of kings, Rajasthan is a city where you get to experience Indian royalty. If you want to see the remnants of the kingdom, you have to visit the city. It is filled with lively festivals, stately forts, and palaces of past centuries. You cannot complete your trip to India without this western state. The Gadi Sagar Temple in Jaisalmer cannot be missed as it is surreal.

When in Rajasthan, you must head to Jaipur as it is called the Paris of India. Its gorgeous jewelry stores, lavish city palaces, and pink buildings will inspire you to live your best life. Next, you should also check out Jodhpur (the Blue City). It offers an equally unforgettable experience.

6. Rishikesh

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Another must-see place in India is Rishikesh. Spiritually minded travelers have been visiting the town since the late 60s when the Beatles first visited and spent time at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram. If you prefer the off-the-beaten-path attractions, you are in luck because this town serves as a center for pilgrims and yogis. It is nestled on the banks of the River Ganges. From the temple bells to the playful monkeys, you are in for a surprise.

7. Varanasi

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A trip to India requires you to visit Varanasi. It is one of the holiest places in Hinduism. Hence, you need to pay a visit to partake in the spiritual festivities. Continue your trip on the River Ganges by checking out this super old city. Watch pilgrims bathe in the holy water while mourners cremate their deceased relatives. Take a sunrise boat ride, release flowers into the river, and watch Hindus celebrating ceremonies.

Anyone curious about Hinduism will find a trip to Varanasi to be highly satisfying. You will get to learn a lot about religion and what keeps Indians moving. Besides, Varanasi is a great place to seek blessings. The old streets will transport you to a time long passed by. The endless maze will challenge you to look within to find the answers that you desire. Everyone who visits Varanasi knows just how life-changing the experience can be.

8. Amritsar

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Amritsar is one of the most important cities in India. Its nickname is “The Jewel of Punjab.” Begin your journey in the city by visiting the Golden Temple. It is the holiest site for Sikhs. There is a large pool that surrounds the gilded structure and adds a unique charm. The temple has the largest community kitchen in the world. It serves about 100,000 people every day. As a curious tourist, you have to check it out. Sample the curries and lentils for an amazing time.

If you do visit Amritsar, you should also visit the India-Pakistan border. Watch the Beating Retreat Ceremony and take a glimpse at Lahore. There was a time when it was just one country. The ceremony features Bollywood music and amazing dance moves. Hence, you will dance to your feet while watching the guards in full action.

9. Goa

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One of the must-see places in India is Goa. Beach lovers can rejoice at the gorgeous beaches that seem to go on forever. The golden sand and the Arabian Sea provide the ultimate comfort. Whether you decide to book an Airbnb or a five-star resort, you will find the city to be extremely relaxing. Palolem Beach is a great spot to get your tan. The best thing about Goa is its blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures. You will be amazed by the Baroque architecture and cathedrals. Besides, there are plenty of seafood dishes to keep you munching.

10. Kerala

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Finally, you should also include Kerala in your trip. This Southern Indian state has a tropical climate and boasts 600km of Arabian Sea shoreline, which features palm-lined beaches. The city has an extensive network of canals and national parks where you can meet tigers, langur monkeys, and elephants. Continue your trip south from Goa to this tranquil city. Make sure to hop on a traditional thatched-top houseboat for an adventure unlike any other. Besides, Kerala has some of the best food that you can find in the country. The easygoing nature of the locals will allow you to unwind as you conclude your trip. It is the people of Kerala that make it impossible to overlook.


Once you have finished reading our post, you will know the best places to visit in India. Incredible India has a lot to offer. From Shimla in the North to Kerala in the South, each place mentioned has something to offer. Bookmark our post to ensure that your itinerary is based on our advice.   

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