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Top 10 Amazing Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

If you have been thinking of traveling to Sri Lanka, there indeed are some beautiful places that you should visit in Sri Lanka. Therefore, for your convenience, we mention the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. When you designate time to travel to the best places to visit in Sri Lanka, you will have a truly thrilling and adventurous travel experience that will be memorable for a long time.

1. Galle

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Galle is situated along the southwest coast of the country and is noted as being colonial in style, as many colonial structures have been well preserved. You can get away from a busy pace of life by relaxing in this amazing town that offers many lovely views of the sea and many interesting villas from the Dutch era. You should take time to see the Galle Fort here, which is classified as being the largest sea fort that was built by Europeans. In fact, it is the largest one that yet remains within Asia. Also, Galle Fort has been given the honor of becoming a World Heritage Site. You will further enjoy the Galle international Stadium where cricket is often played and you will be delighted with the charming

2.Adam’s Peak

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There is an interesting tall mountain that has a cone shape, which makes it truly intriguing to visit. This amazing mountain is called Adam’s Peak. It is set in a biological region that offers much diversity. The mountain is 7,359 feet in height. You will feel exhilarated once you reach the summit of the mountain. Be prepared to spend two to four hours climbing the mountain if you want to go all the way up to the top. It is a good idea to try to arrive at the top as dawn approaches in the morning in order to see a sunrise that is so breathtakingly beautiful that you will never forget it.

3 Yala National Park

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If you love big wild cats and want to see a lot of them, then you will be able to do so when you invest the time to visit Yala National Park. This park is located along the southeast coast of the nation. In fact, it is thrilling to realize that Yala National Park holds the honor of having the largest number of leopards in the entire world. Moreover, this national park is also a trustworthy sanctuary for many aquatic birds and elephants. You will further be delighted to see crocodiles, monkeys as well as other animals that live among the forest areas and grassy plains of this interesting national park.


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Sigiriya is a wonderful combination of a palace and rock fortress. It is located within the district of Matale. It has been listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site and is given the reputation of being a highly desirable destination to visit within Sri Lanka. You will be able to view the lovely rolling hills and the massive jungle beneath the site. You will be able to climb among the ruins of ancient times, which are lined with frescoes, ponds and gardens that are magnificent. This site is also often called Lion Rock.


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Bentota offers many fun activities, such as water sports and helicopter rides. This town is located on the southwest coastal region. You will find that the beaches here are marvelous. If you love staying in luxury hotels, then you will find plenty of those here when you crave sensational amenities. Furthermore, there is so much unspoiled natural beauty in this place. You can enjoy spending time in the sun at the beach. Or you can even take a tour of the Kosgoda turtle hatchery that is interesting


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You will be able to view the ancient architecture and art of the Sinhalese people when you spend some time visiting Polonnaruwa. This town is protected by Unesco. You will see many statues and tombs that have been well preserved. In addition, you can visit various archaeological sites here, such as Lankatilaka, Quadrangle as well as Gal Vihara. Several hundred years in the past, this town had served as the capital of Sri Lanka. It had been a thriving hub for commercial activities.

7.Nuwara Eliya

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Photo by Subodha Karunarathne on Unsplash

When you enjoy towns that are surrounded by mountains, then you will surely enjoy Nuwara Eliya. This town is situated on a plateau that is encircled with mountains in every direction. This town also has the name of Little England, because there are many old colonial buildings that are British that still remain. For example, there is the general’s house as well as the queen’s cottage. There are many lovely tea plantations and gorgeous waterfalls. You will enjoy the beauty of the tallest mountain of the nation that is called Pidurutalagala.


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Photo by Alix Greenman on Unsplash

You can enjoy the pleasant warmth of the sun in Mirissa as you lie on a hammock. This is a pleasant beachside village in the south of Sri Lanka. The bays are sandy. You can see many splendid dolphins and whales. You can even go on a boat trip from the months of May to November to see dolphins and whales up close. If you want to see a gorgeous sunrise, then you need to go to Coconut Tree Hill.

9.Arugam Bay

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Arugam Bay lies on the southeast side of the nation. This is a town that is quite remote. Many surfers from across the globe like to surf here. You can enjoy surfing as well and you can even attend surfing school here prior to enjoying some surfing on the amazing swell that is featured at Main Point. If you are not at the beach, you can enjoy exploring the Kumana National Park.


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Photo by Chamindu Perera on Unsplash

When you are in Sri Lanka, you definitely need to spend some time in the capital city, which is noted as being Colombo. You will discover that this is the most modernized region of Sri Lanka. You will enjoy the mix of dynamic architecture, such as the Dutch colonial style architecture, old style British buildings as well as skyscrapers that are cutting-edge. If you are a lover of seafood, you will find some amazingly sophisticated seafood restaurants in the capital. You can enjoy a guided tour of the city with a local historian.

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