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How Beaches in Egypt can Make Your Next Vacation an Unforgettable Experience

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Egypt is about history, as it is known by many, but it is also one of the most beautiful countries globally. It is a place where you find treasure in every corner you look. Whether you are interested in the history that builds to the country or you want to relax on a beautiful beach, Egypt will give you a combination of the two for your vacation.

Egypt is currently offering a breathtaking experience to all who choose to spend their holiday in the country. Various destinations create in every visitor a memorable experience of a fantastic holiday. If you are looking for a place to make your holiday unforgettable, the beaches in Egypt are some of the beautiful places to visit.

Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea on the northern side and the Red Sea to the Eastern side, and two gulfs. The large coastal area and the climate in this part of the world make it possible to have 360 days of sunshine in most of the Egypt beaches and calm swimming water all year round. Below are some of the known Egypt Beaches that you should not miss when you choose to spend your vacation in this part of the world.

9 Best Beaches in Egypt

1.Fjord Bay, Taba is for the Divers


Fjord bay is a fantastic beach located about 15-kilometers away from the town of Taba and a perfect paradise. The place is ideal for diving for both experts and amateurs. Whether you have been diving for years or you want to try diving for the first time, there is no better place to do that than on this beach.

The diving experience is terrific, with a massive bed of coral that lies at the bottom of Fjord, which has a 24-meter depth. There is plenty of fish and marine life that lives among the reef. The healthy reef indicates that the waters are clean, and there is an excellent ecological balance. While you are in this place, you cannot overlook the blue cove protected on its three sides by the mountain range, making it one of the best places for hiking and taking panoramic views over the fjord.

2.Enter Ras Abu Galoum, Dahab on Carmel Back

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Ras Abu Galoum is a stunning spot located close to a traditional Bedouin settlement, which offers an excellent opportunity for snorkeling or diving. When you get to this place, the first thing you notice is the blue patch of ocean that covers the area. Here there is nothing but a complete feast for the eyes due to the stunning seascape that contrasts brilliantly with the arid, rocky land. Here is a fantastic place that you should never fail to visit when you are in Egypt.

You begin with a tremendous experience of arriving at the spot on Carmel back before getting to the Red Sea, where a magnificent landscape will greet you. With both the hard and the soft coral, it is a perfect environment for various fish species. Here you will find the angelfish, the parrotfish, and Picasso fish prominent, among others. You can spend countless hours with your underwater camera experiencing the beauty of marine life.

3.Experience the Calm Ras Shitan

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Ras Shitan is one of the quietest Egypt beaches, which is located along the Red Sea. Excellent beach camps surround it with small bamboo huts where you spend your beautiful moments soaking in the beautiful sun at the beach. If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, nothing offers that more than the Ras Shitan beach. The beach has been artistically designed to give an out-of-this-world experience with the never-ending warmth of the sun simply rejuvenating you. The Enthralling beauty and the perfect harmony of the sea salted with the beautiful landscape will make you have a utopia experience in a place that you will not like to leave.

4.If You are Vibrant, Join the Rest at Hurghada

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Though it is one of the smallest beaches in Egypt, Hurghada beach is a fantastic place to be for anyone looking for vibrant nightlife in Egypt. Its beautiful and well-developed beach fronts and water sports activities make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. The place is characterized by numerous nightclubs and restaurants, which make the area very vibrant for nightlife. Also, the place house famous Giftun Island is known for its white-sand beaches and reef that you should never miss. If you are fun of the sandy beaches, there is no other better place to be than Hurghada.

5.Spend Your Quiet Moments in Marsa Matruh

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Marsa Matruh is a coastal town famous for its port. If you are looking for a place to spend your quiet holiday with less noise Marsa Matruh is an excellent option. It is a surreal scenic beach with tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea filling the space. It has a beautiful natural beauty with pristine waters, which remain perfectly blue with windy fronts makes the locals refer to it as the Egyptian Maldives.

6.Do not Miss the Relaxing Moments at Marassi

Marassi is one of the fastest-growing and popular luxurious beachfront in the world. It is situated on the northern coast of Egypt. It offers an ideal place for anyone on vacation to relax in the lap of the beautiful coast of Egypt. You will love everything in this small town, from the architectural designs and the lovely coastal city with amazing sunny beaches offering a five-star comfort.

7.Do not Miss the Luxurious Ain Sokhna

Ain Sokhna is the only nearest beach in Cairo, a 2-hour drive from the capital city, but there are no beaches in Egypt as Luxurious as this one. The beach has numerous luxurious holiday resorts and restaurants along the beachside. It offers an experience of Carmel back or house ride along the coastal line, which is one of the best experiences you can have. If you love your privacy, this is one of the private beaches in Egypt, offering a true persona and luxurious experience.

8.Spend Your Romantic Moments in Mangrove Beach

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Mangrove beach is not very far from Dahab, and it is a serene and less crowded beach. It provides a snorkeling experience with limited activities. That makes it not a place for children but ideal for romantic couples to have memorable movements looking at the lavishing surreal sea.

9.Meet the Egyptian Upper Class at El Gouna

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If you are looking for a place for the wealthy, then the El Gouna is a perfect place to be. With its chic beach on the northern Red Sea, it is a bustling resort town attracting wealthy Egyptians. It is also a place for the jet-set Europeans with high-end shopping, a diverse dining scene, and a beautiful beach.

If you are looking for the best place to spend your soon coming holiday, look no further. The Egypt beaches will offer you great moments to grace your vacation. The best water experiences with the 360 swimmable seawater of Egypt beaches are something that remains in your memory for the rest of your life.

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