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Mountain sri lanka “dolu kanda”

Beautiful Moutain Dolu kanda

Dolu kanda _mountain in sri lanka dolu kanda

When we think of Dolukanda, its significance goes deeper than we think.
It can be said that King Dutugemunu did not maintain this as a fort but kept it secret as a fort.

It is conceivable that during the reign of King Dutu Gemunu, there was a palace for the king to stay in and a meditation room for monks and nuns.

There is a story in folklore that the mountain brought by Hanumantha from the Himalayan forest during the battle of Rama Ravana is called Dolu Kanda.

Dolu kanda _mountain in sri lanka dolu kanda

It must be said that there are many valuable medicines in this forest such as Maha hadaya, Kuda hadaya , Wana Raja, Gurulu Raja, Guru Raja, Kuda Padma, Maha Padma, Maha Sudana, Kuda Sudana, Pati Dhatu, Nawa handi, Kiri Handi,Walas Adiriya, Maha Kaluwa, Kuda Kaluwa, Dung Dummala, Kekuna Mala and Muwa Kiriya,

King Buddhadasa was a famous king . He showed a love for Dolu Kanda similar to his own life. It is said that he obtained medicines for his remedy from this mountain.

The kuda raksha, maha raksha , the air gap, the stone house have become the beautiful places that bring wonder to this mountain. The four rock pools add to the splendor here.

The top of Dolu Kanda is flat, about 11 km long and about 2 km wide.
The Kuveni rock where Prince Vijaya came to Sri Lanka and fell victim to a demon named Kuveni is located close to this Dolu mountain.
The Rankirimada temple where King Walagamba hid for about 18 months is also located at the foot of this Dolu Kanda.

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